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Widget Rules for 'All Pages Except'
  • Hi there,

    I have two sliders. One for the homepage only and the other that I want to show on every page EXCEPT the homepage.

    I set them up. The homepage one worked fine. I then set up the other and used the widget rules to say:

    Visible at: 'All Pages except': Homepage.

    However, this doesn't work. So I've had to put:

    Visible at: 'No Pages except': and list every page of the site, otherwise the homepage has 2 sliders.

    Can you please review the widget and see if you can get the 'All pages except' rule working?


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  • Hi,

    I suppose that your Homapage is static page (named Home for example)

    1. In widget with slideshow whitch should be visible only on Home page set vidget rules:

    Visible at: "No pages except"



    and page Home




    2. For widget with slider whitch should be displayed on all other pages set widget rules:

    Visible at "All pages except" and add Homepage an Home as above

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